Indian Railways fare classes and code ( SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, CC )

Indian Railways is one of the world’s largest railway networks which covering 7112 stations across India. Indian Railways is a Government of India owned company and operated through the Ministry of Railways.

Below is explanation of the fair classes and code ( SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, CC ) of Indian Railways

Code Calss Name Details
1A AC First Class This is the most expensive class on Indian railways. Coaches are air conditioned, carpeted, have sleeping accommodation and have privacy features like personal coupes. Bedding is included. Berths are arranged in two tiers.
2A AC 2-Tier Second to the 1A class. Air conditioned coaches with sleeping berths, ample leg room, curtains and individual reading lamps. Bedding is included. Berths are arranged in two tiers.
3A AC 3-Tier Similar to 2A, but with an additional berth (“middle berth”) in between the top and bottom berths. Hence more cramped, and cheaper, than 2A. Bedding is included. Berths are arranged in three tiers
FC First Class First Class has mostly been phased out in favor of Air Conditioned carriages. The fare is generally three times the Sleeper (SL) fare.
CC AC Chair Car Generally three times more expensive than Second Sitting (2S), the AC Chair Class is normally found on daytime shuttle or intercity trains like Jan-Shatabdi.
SL Sleeper This is the most popular class of Indian Railways with three tiers arrangement.  Sleeper class is a budget friendly coach for the major category of passengers. Toilet facilities are available at either end of the carriage. Bedding is not provided.
2S Second Sitting Second Sitting class (2S) is the cheapest option of travel on Indian Railways; these ordinary coaches have 108 cushioned seats per coach and it’s only suitable for short journey.
GS General Compartments Unreserved compartments and all time its packed with lots of people, it is not a good option for long journey. So if you are looking for a comfort journey then please avoid this class.