What to eat on night – Healthy night eating tips

As per Ayurveda it is advisable to take all the meals before sunset but in today’s hectic schedule it is not possible for any of us. But at least we can eat bit lighter dinner.

According to out biological clock, our body need to sleep in night, hence our digestive system’s functioning slows down. For this reason, we should have light food in night hours. Even doctors suggest that if you have your dinner late in night, have light food.

There are list of snacks of food suggested for mid night or late night hunger such as:-

  1. Yogurt
  2. Nuts- crunchy nuts satisfy your hunger as well as help you to fight against feel to have sleep during studies.
  3. Sandwiches- here vegetable sandwiches are to be opted.
  4. Salad- you can have fruits, vegetables salads which provides proteins, minerals and fibers also.
  5. Milk shakes/crushes- for example strawberry milk shake.
  6. Popcorn- without cheese.
  7. Water- lastly you can have drinking water before eating anything. This will protect you from having more food in night. You can even add flavor in it like lemon or honey.