What are the health benefits of dry grapes?

Dry grapes are often called as raisin which is normally made from fresh green or purple grapes available in our market through few simple steps. Raisins are known as high energy low fat snack. The benefits of dry grapes are:

  1. Raisins are an excellent source of vitamin A as such keep our eyes free from any vision hazards.
  2. Due to presence of vitamin A and resveratrol, a polyphenol compound has antioxidant activity which helps to prevent any oxygen-based damage to cells in our body. Dried grapes are very much known as anti-ageing of skin. Raisins contain various minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorous iron etc which helps to glow skin recalculating our blood properly.
  3. Dry grapes contain boron, a mineral that is crucial to bone health and osteoporosis for women. Boron is required to convert estrogen and vitamin D to their most active forms to do bone formation and absorption of calcium. As both the calcium and potassium present in raisin, it is good to strengthen the bone as well as help to bone growth too.
  4. Due to presence of calcium, it prevents tooth decay and reduces cavities also.
  5. Due to its iron rich character, stimulates the hair follicles boosting flow of blood.
  6. Dry grapes are a rich source of iron, copper and vitamin B complex which helps to treat anemia, formation of RBC and formation of new blood respectively.
  7. Raisins contain insoluble fiber which reduces constipation problem as well as helps to stop loose stools or diarrhea.
  8. Dry grapes increase the level of powerful antioxidants which is known for possible anti-carcinogenic effects as such prevent or slow down the growth of cancer cell.
  9. Dry grapes lower down the insulin level, helps in sugar absorption for diabetes patients.
  10. Dry grapes contain various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phosphorus, nutrients, fructose, glucose, proteins etc which help to increase gain weight without accumulation of fat.
  11. Presence of potassium in high level in dry grapes helps to reduce the blood vessels tension and controls blood pressure accordingly.
  12. Consuming anything in high dose might be dangerous to your health; however, up to 50 gm for a normal one per day should be beneficial. You may eat wet raisins every day morning along with wet gram and wet nuts. Otherwise it might be eaten as snacks also.