Tips for skin care

Everyone wants to keep their skin to be good condition. Skin is the foremost attractive part of the body, to keep this healthy and supple we must do simple workouts on daily basis, such as:-

  • We must apply relevant creams/lotions to protect from direct sun rays.
  • Must take bath regularly.
  • Should not scrub harshly.
  • Must not use low priced cosmetics.
  • Don’t pop pimples.
  • Wash face at least thrice a day.
  • If you find rashes or strange spots, then dermatologists need is mandatory.

The Following Are Set Natural Remedies To Protect Skin!

  • Scrubbing face with help of Green Gram will tend to lighten skin tone.
  • Cleansing face with milk will reduces black spots.
  • Applying cucumber juice will on tanned area is healthy.
  • Placing cotton dipped with rose water on eyes will tend to remove dark circles.