Easy and effective home remedies for treating premature graying of hair naturally

  1. Boil a few amla (Indian gooseberry) pieces in coconut oil till they turn black. Apply this mixture on your hair to cure premature graying of hair naturally at home.
  2. Grate the ginger, and mix it with a spoon of honey to eat this mixture everyday to treat premature graying of hair naturally.
  3. Massage coconut oil, and lemon juice on your scalp to treat premature graying of hair naturally. Follow this home remedy for getting shiny ,and healthy hair naturally.
  4. Massage cow’s milk butter on your scalp to treat premature graying of hair naturally at home .Follow this easy home remedy twice a week.
  5. Boil curry leaves in coconut oil till the leaves become black. Apply on your scalp, and hair roots as a hair tonic for hair loss and bringing back the hair pigmentation .Curry leaves contain a natural pigment to retain the natural color of your hair. Curry leaves can be used with buttermilk, or curd to prevent your hair from becoming gray.
  6. Apply the mixture of 2 spoons of henna powder, 1 spoon of yogurt, 1 spoon of fenugreek paste, 3 spoons of coffee, 2 spoons of basil leaves paste, and 3 spoons of mint juice on your hair. Shampoo after 3 hours .Use this home remedy regularly to treat premature graying of hair naturally at home.
  7. Put ribbed gourd (torai) in coconut oil for 3-4 hours, and boil this mixture till it turns black. Massage your hair with this oil to cure premature graying of hair.
  8. Take 1 spoon of table salt in 1 cup of strong black tea without milk .Massageyour hair with this water. Wash off after 1 hour. Follow this home remedy regularly to cure premature graying of hair.
  9. The juice of onion is an extremely helpful home remedy in curing prematuregraying of hair and giving reddish tinge to your hair .This treatment is very helpful in curing baldness, and hair loss naturally at home.
  10. Always use a mild herbal shampoo to wash your hair .
  11. Apply 1 gm of black pepper, and 1/2 cup of curd for treating premature graying of hair. You can add the juice of lemon in this preparation too.
  12. Boil chamomile in water for 20 minutes to make a tea.Let this mixture cool down, and strain it to use this water on your hair to treat premature graying of hair naturally at home.
  13. Apply amla paste or, amla oil on your hair to blacken and thicken your hair.
  14. Wash your hair with lemon water to treat graying of hair .Lemon is a natural coloring agent that gives brownish tinge to your hair if applied regularly.
  15. Mix rosemary, and sage tea in equal amount in 1 cup of water. Steep, and strain the liquid to use as a natural colorant for your hair. Follow this home remedy to color your gray hair naturally at home.
  16. Henna mixed in coconut oil is a nice home remedy for bringing back the dark brown color in the hair.
  17. Massage amla juice, almond oil, and lemon juice together for curing gray hair. Amla is the best ingredient for the renewal of pigmentation in your hair. Try this home remedy for beautiful, and shiny hair.
  18. Soak up a few dried amla pieces for few hours .Use them with the tea decoction, and 1 spoon of eucalyptus oil. Let this mixture stay in an iron container overnight. Apply this mixture with curd, lemon juice, and an egg in the morning. Follow this home remedy as a cure for premature graying of hair once in 15 days.
  19. Tea extract in concentration form gives dark brown, or black color.
  20. Soak up 10-12 soap nut seeds, and 3 to 4 shikakai(acacia concinna) pods in 1 pint of water .Soak up 10-12 amla pieces separately in 2 cups of water. Boil soap nut seeds with shikakai ,and strain this mixture to make a shampoo at home. Strain the amla mixture separately to use as a conditioner .This home remedy is a boon toyour hair whether you suffer from graying of hair, thinning of hair, dull hair, or hair fall .This treatment will cure all hair related problems naturally .
  21. Take amla juice orally daily to restore your natural pigment of your hair .Amla juice will prevent premature aging too.
  22. Rubbing your fingernails together increases the blood circulation in your scalp to cure gray hair and strengthen the roots to treat hair loss/baldness.
  23. Guava’s leaves are very effective in curing premature graying of hair.
  24. Apply the fresh juice of amaranth to retain the natural pigment of your hair and curing hair loss naturally at home. It is very helpful home remedy.
  25. Apply almond oil, and lemon juice for 30-40 minutes as a home remedy to curepremature graying of hair naturally at home.
  26. Apply aloe vera gel for curing premature graying of hair naturally at home.
  27. Apply rosemary oil to blacken your hair.
  28. Boil 250 grams of mustard oil with 60 grams of henna leaves , and apply this preparation on your hair to cure your gray hair naturally.
  29. Apply ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) on our scalp to increase the melanin content of your hair. Try this treatment for treating your gray hair.
  30. Apply Ligustrum on the hair as a treatment for premature graying of hair naturally at home. It is very popular chinese herb used for restoring the natural color of your hair and curing gray hair naturally.
  31. Take biotin to slow down the gray hair’s progression naturally at home. Egg yolks,yeast,soyabeans,tomatoes, carrots,cow’s milk,goat’s milk,oats,walnuts,cucumbers,almonds are some good sources of biotin.
  32. Try bhringraj oil (Eclipta alba) for blackening your hair .You can take bhringraj orally to get black ,thick, and shiny hair naturally at home .
  33. Never use blow-dryer to dry your hair as it causes gray hair.
  34. Try Motia rosha oil on your hair to cure premature graying, splits ends, hair loss and giving luster to your dull hair.Motia rosha oil stimulates the pigment cells ofyour hair and very helpful in treating gray hair, and insomnia.
  35. Soak up henna overnight, and in the morning, apply with walnut pulp for treating premature graying of hair and giving beautiful tinge to your hair naturally at home.
  36. Take copper supplement colloidal copper orally to fight premature graying of hair.
  37. Apply sesame oil, or olive oil with bottle gourd juice to treat premature graying of hair. This home remedy will give you shiny, black ,and thick hair naturally .
  38. Apply henna , the juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 spoon of coffee powder ,and an egg for 45 minutes. This treatment will cure your gray hair naturally at home.
  39. Wash your hair with omega-3 rich shampoo, and oils like Emu oil to curepremature graying of hair .The oil containing omega -3 rejuvenates the pigment generating cells called melanocytes.Mira oil can also be tried at home.
  40. Apply eugenol oil (clove oil) for treating premature graying of hair naturally .
  41. You can try anti-graying tablets, and creams like Melancor, Reminex, Fo-Ti Root, Shen Min ,and Restoria discreet.
  42. Steep dried sage leaves in water for 2 hours , and use this preparation for rinsing your hair .This treatment will blacken your gray hair naturally.
  43. You should take foods rich in folic acid like dark green vegetables,leafy vegetables,cereals,cowpeas,braised beef’s liver,etc.
  44. You can take buttermilk with 2 spoons each of yeast ,and wheat germ daily to cure your gray hair.
  45. Neem oil prevents graying of hair. Try this home remedy for curing all scalp infections as well.
  46. Pour the outer hulls of some black walnuts in water for making tea, and use this preparation as a natural colorant for your gray hair. Black walnut is an excellent natural hair colorant . The effect of this home remedy will last up to 6 weeks in inspite of washing the hair regularly.
  47. You can use black walnuts for coloring your gray hair .Boil a few black walnuts in water for 15-20 minutes .Keep on your hair for 30 minutes to color your gray hair naturally at home. Eat 5-6 walnuts daily as they are the rich sources of copper, and zinc. Both are responsible for the formation of melanin.
  48. Apply arnica oil on your hair to treat premature graying of hair. Arnica oil is made from the dried arnica flowers.These flowers’ anti-inflammatory properties treat premature graying, hair loss / baldness at home naturally.
  49. Apply brahmi hair oil for curing premature graying of hair ,dandruff, and splits ends at home naturally.
  50. Apply gooseberry with mango seeds on your hair to cure gray hair naturally at home.